Crypto Getting Started Course by Ecom Rebel

Crypto Getting Started Course

Learn everything you need to get started in Crypto!


Crypto is an awesome opportunity right now. The technology behind crypto will change the world as we know it and the people who get involved now will benefit the most. Before you can learn how to profit from crypto you need an understanding of the basics. This course is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Each section will show you exactly what you need to do. Step by step videos.

You Will Learn: 
  • Everything you need to know about Wallets , how they work and where to get them from
  • The different types of wallets and when to use them 
  • How to setup the different types of wallets 
  • How to send and receive crypto from wallets 
  • How to buy Bitcoin and other crypto 
  • Exchanging Bitcoin for other crypto 
  • Where to cash out of Bitcoin. Converting Crypto into your local currency 
  • How to safely secure your crypto from hackers 

Would you like to get up and running as fast as possible with Crypto? Learn the basics to get you started. This course will provide you with a solid foundation so that you step up to investing and trading with ease.

What you get:
  • Over 2 hours of on demand videos
  • Lifetime Access
  • Smartphone Access

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What's included?

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What is Cryptocurrency?
2 mins
Mobile Wallets
What is a Mobile Wallet?
3 mins
How Do I Get a Mobile Wallet?
2 mins
Desktop Wallets
What is a Desktop Wallet and How to Get One?
8 mins
How To Download Exodus Wallet on Mac
3 mins
Overview of Exodus Wallet
9 mins
How To Backup Exodus Wallet
7 mins
How to Send Bitcoin Using Exodus
7 mins
How To Exchange Coins in Exodus
3 mins
How To Change Local Currency in Exodus
2 mins
How To Restore Your Exodus Wallet
3 mins
Jaxx Wallet Walkthru
13 mins Wallet Walkthru
9 mins
Online Wallets
What is an Online Wallet
2 mins
How Do I Get an Online Wallet
2 mins
How To Setup Wallet
7 mins
How to Setup Coinbase Wallet
8 mins
Hardware Wallets
What is a Hardware Wallet
6 mins
How Do I Get a Hardware Wallet
6 mins
How To Setup a Trezor Hardware Wallet On Your Mac
25 mins
Buy Coins
How to Buy Coins
9 mins
Where To Buy Coins
3 mins
Sell Coins
How To Sell Coins
2 mins
Where to Sell Coins
6 mins
Exchange Coins
Why Exchange Coins
3 mins
How to Exchange Coins
5 mins
Additional Resources
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Do you have a private Facebook group?

Yes. You will have access to private Facebook group so that you can ask questions from the community.